An Orca3D network license has a fixed number of floating licenses, depending on how many you purchased. For example, let’s consider a network license with a single license. When Rhino is started and Orca3D is loaded, the Orca3D license is consumed. The second person to start Rhino and tries to load Orca3D will get that error. If the first user closes Rhino this releases the Orca3D seat and the second user should now be able to load Orca3D.

One technique to avoid this issue, if for example the first user had no intention to use Orca3D, is to use Rhino’s load protection feature in which you can set Rhino to ask the user whether or not they want to load Orca3D at startup. In the example above if the first user did not need Orca3D they could choose not to load it when starting Rhino, and the second Rhino user would have access to the seat. See the following directions for turning on load protection in Rhino:

  1. Open Rhino
  2. Open the Rhino Plugin Manager (command "PluginManager" or Rhino Options -> Plug-ins)
  3. Un-check the "Enabled" box next to "Orca3D" in the list.
  4. Check the "Ask to load disabled plug-ins" box at the bottom of the form.
  5. Close and restart Rhino