There are different situations where you may want to move the Orca3D license from one computer to another.

1. If you have a new computer, or have updated your computer with a new hard drive or re-installed operating system, you can simply re-install Orca3D on the new/updated computer and activate the license using your License Key. It will work properly as long as you don't subsequently use Orca3D on the first computer. If you try to use it on both, it will be seen as a "suspect installation" and both installations will stop working. If you inadvertently find yourself in this situation, please contact us to resolve it.

2. If you need to move a license between computers frequently (for example, multiple people in your office want to use the license), then you should upgrade to a network license. Moving it frequently will cause the license to become locked. If this happens, please contact us to resolve it or for pricing information on upgrading to a network license.

3. If you are the sole user of multiple computers (e.g., a desktop and laptop, or office and home computers), we can provide you with a second License Key that is just for your own use. This option only applies to commercial (not educational) licenses.