To get data at a specific location, you first create a Monitoring Point. To create a Monitoring Point click the "Create a Monitoring Point" toolbar button in the Geometry Entities window as shown below. You can change the name of the point by clicking on the point name twice in succession (two single clicks not a rapid double click). You can specify the location of the monitoring point either by selecting the point in the Geometric Entities window and setting its Position in the Geometry tab of the Properties window, or by selecting in the graphical view and dragging to the desired location (you must be in selection mode to graphically select).

Once you have created your monitoring point, you can control what output is available by selecting the point in the Geometry Entities window and then setting the desired output as shown below.

When you run the simulation you will be able to plot the selected output channels that show up in the XY-Plot window as shown below. These values will also be written to a text file in your simulation folder with a name that ends in ..._points.txt.

Hopefully this addresses the issue of how to extract flow output with Orca3D Marine CFD. As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else related to Orca3D please send your question to