SimericsMP allows the user to define custom display variables that can be displayed in the 3D graphical views. SimericsMP also allows the user to create custom plot variables that can be plotted in the 2D time history plots, but that is not the subject of this article.

In addition to the information below, you may want to watch this video on the Expression Editor and Custom Plot Variables. Custom Plot Variables begins at the 15:52 mark.

Creating a custom display variable is as simple defining the variable in the expression editor, and then selecting that variable from the dropdown list in the Results window. The specific steps are:

1. Open the SimericsMP expression editor. An easy way to do this is to click on the "Marine" module in the Model window and then in the Properties window click on the "A=?" button as shown below.

2. With the expression editor open, define custom display variables using the "display.variable_name" syntax as shown below. There are two examples in the editor below. The first shows how to define the absolute velocity magnitude in the flow field. The second shows how to define a dynamic pressure coefficient for the water fluid phase.

3. To display your new custom variables, you select the entities of interest in the Geometric Entities window and then in the Results window select the appropriate variable from the dropdown list. There will be a category of variables called "User Defined" that contains your custom display variables. In the example below we have created a longitudinal plane to plot the absolute flow velocity and we are showing the pressure coefficient on the hull.

Hopefully this addresses how to display custom variables with Orca3D Marine CFD. As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else related to Orca3D please send your question to