Orca3D Marine CFD can export the dynamic pressure distribution over any boundary in the model. By default this output is turned off. To turn it on do the following:

1. In the Model panel, select the "Marine" module as shown below. Then in the Properties panel change the "Setup Options" from Template Mode to Extended Mode.

2. Now select the boundaries for which you want pressure distribution information in the Geometric Entities panel as shown below. Here we selected "deck", "hull", and "transom." Then in the Properties panel, under the Flow > Mixture item change Output from Default to User Select. Finally, change "Pressure Distribution" from No to Yes and Pressure Points Connectivity to Yes.

3. After saving this you can run the simulation. The program will create text files for each of the boundaries that you enabled pressure distribution output, as shown below. These files will be saved at time steps corresponding to the Results Saving Frequency value that was set for the simulation. For example if you set the Results Saving Frequency to 100, then the pressure distribution text files will be saved every 100 time steps. 

The text file contents are self-evident as shown below. The pressure file contains point locations on the boundary along with the computed pressure. 

The connections file contains the connectivity information (i.e., facelist) for the points in the pressure file.