If your anti-virus software is warning you about files in the c:\ProgramData\BCO folder, or you are getting the message that "Please ensure that the file Orca3DV2.cm64.dll.cm is present in the Orca3D installation folder" this is caused by a false positive from your anti-virus software. 

For example, in October 2019 Symantec made changes to it's Endpoint protection product which can cause false detections of SONAR.Heuristic.159 during protection checks in 64 bit Copyminder applications. The file generating the false positive is Orca3DV2.cm64.dll.cm64.exe. Symantec has agreed to fix this in their next update of virus definitions. We are also working with CopyMinder on a solution that will allow us to digitally sign the files, which should prevent the false positives.

We have seen similar issues with Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Bitdefender, Viper Antivirus, Sentinelle, and others.

The easiest way to check this is to temporarily disable your anti-virus software. If that solves the problem then you can whitelist the file Orca3DV2.cm64.dll.cm64.exe in the folder C:\ProgramData\BCO\ORCA3DV2\cm and re-enable your anti-virus software. For example, in Cisco AMP for Endpoints:


Please let us know if this does not solve the issue.