Simerics-MP includes a feature that lets you define specific locations in the simulation at which you can measure the wave height, including the vessel-generated wave, the incident incoming wave, or a combination of both depending on where the point is located. This feature is referred to as "measurement points" and is accessed via the Marine module.

To define a measurement point, first select the Marine module in the Model pane of the SimericsMP user interface as shown below. Expand the "Measurements" item and click the dropdown to the right of "Add a Measurement" and choose "Measure Point" to create a new measurement point. Give the point a unique integer ID and then specify the position of the point. In the example below, 3 measurement points have been created. In this particular example, the locations were selected to be in front of and to the side of the boat because we were running in head seas and wanted to capture the incident wave elevation and not the radiated waves from the boat. However, it is up to you as to where you would like to place the points.

In order to be able to plot the time history of these measurement points you must define custom plot variables in SimericsMP. To do so open the Expression Editor and enter an expression for each measurement point that you want to plot as shown below. Note that in the expression, the name just after "plot." is whatever you want to call the plot variable such as "waveElevationFP." The variable "marine.meas_wave_height" is a special variable in SimericsMP that refers to the measurement points, and the number at the end corresponds to the unique integer ID you specified when creating the measurement points.

To create an XY plot of the measurement point wave height, create a new XY plot, select the "Common" module in the Model pane (this shows all custom plot variables), then add the desired plot variable as shown below.