There are a number of video tutorials as well as written tutorials as described below, and of course we are always happy to answer any questions at


Here is a list of on-line resources, roughly organized in the order in which one might best learn Orca3D.


Orca3D YouTube Channel

Orca3D Units, Orientation, and Rhino Template File


Orca3D Marine Design Software Overview (23 min)


Orca3D Hull Assistant (~3 min)


Orca3D Sections (10 min)


Orca3D Hydrostatics (~5.5 min)


Orca3D Weight/Cost (~6 min)


Orca3D Parametric Speed/Power (22 min)


On the same YouTube channel we have several other videos reviewing specific Orca3D topics like setting surface normals, Orca3D properties, and CFD analysis.


In addition, there are a few written tutorials in the Orca3D Help File under the topic “Quick Start Guide.” For example below is a Hull Design tutorial describing how to use the hull assistant.