When fairing a hull, it’s often helpful to foreshorten or “squash” the view in the longitudinal direction, to accentuate the curvature. Rhino 5 allows this to be done very easily, by defining a new display mode. The default display modes include Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, Ghosted, etc.

Start by opening the Rhino Options dialog (File>Properties, or right-click on a viewport title (Top, Front, etc.) and select Display Options). In this dialog, click on Rhino Options>View>Display Modes in the tree pane on the left.


On the right, click on New. Enter a Name, and then click on Other Settings.


Enter a Horizontal Scale; for example, you might use 0.50 for small craft, and 0.25 for large ships. Now right click on the viewport title (e.g., Top) where you would like to have the foreshortened view, and select your Display Mode:


The scale of the view will be foreshortened, but the scale of the object has not been changed: